JusTini's Lunch With A Vision+Vision Boards+Women Empowerment

Last Sunday I had such a great time, I just had to share it with you all!

My friends & I love cute stuff to do lol so we traveled down to New Orleans for "JusTini's Lunch with a Vision." The event is held by Jessica Robinson aka JusTini who is known for her specialty cocktails. At the event we got the chance to listen to great music, network with other ladies,shop, eat, drink, & work on vision boards. 

                  "Make your cocktail strong & your laughs loud!"- JusTini

Just to tell you a little more about the brand, JusTini Cocktails is New Orleans based as Jessica is a New Orleans native. She is a graduate of Southern University A&M College with a degree in Mass-Communications. While bar tending in college, Jessica found that her passion was in serving & putting smiles on faces. She then went on to become a Certified Mixologist in 2013. JusTini Cocktails is available for event hosting or you can opt for "JusTini-to-Go." "As an advocate for female rights, Jessica enjoys expressing her feminism through her cocktails and hosting events that bring women together to celebrate life and sisterhood."

One of the most rewarding parts of the lunch was the sisterhood. We were joined by Gabrielle Deculus of Business Rules for Women. To begin, she had us go around the room, introduce ourselves, & tell a little something about ourselves. To my surprise there were about three other bloggers & two other Jenee's (spelled differently of course)! Although we were from different backgrounds, cities, age groups, etc. it was so rewarding to find a commonality; we were all striving to improve ourselves & lend a hand to others. Gabrielle encouraged us to never "play it small" & go after our dreams. (She literally took me by the arms & shook me & told me that I can achieve all of my dreams. lol) One of the other tidbits that I took from Gabrielle was to reach out to 5-10 people that you admire from afar or met but didn't really build a connection with. Networking is such a powerful & rewarding tool. She was on my list! Next up is Issa Rae lol. 

These delicious alcohol infused desserts were provided by Jazzy Infusions!

This post is much later than it should be, but I'm kinda glad. (Hear me out lol) This past weekend I went to see Hidden Figures (a MUST see!). I left the movie feeling sooo motivated. It was not only powerful for African-Americans, but for women as well. Seeing the story of African-American women beat the odds of systematic road blocks of life & prevail was empowering. That's what it's all about; empowering others! You don't have to work for NASA to empower others. You can use whatever your platform is whether you're a dj, a bartender, a small business owner, a blogger; the list goes on. Seeing Hidden Figures I felt tied in well with my experience at Justini's Lunch with a Vision. I left both feeling empowered, inspired, & motivated.

My vision board is not quite finished. I didn't want to just focus on 2017 goals, but life goals as well. Can you guess some of my goals?

The other big component of "JusTini's Lunch with a Vision," was creating a vision board. Vision boards have been around for years, but have become more popular recently. Vision boards help you to clarify the things you want in life. Doesn't it feel good to get your thoughts, goals, & ideas out of your mind & on to paper? It helps you sort through them to better attain the goals. Well visualizing those goals takes things to the next level. Put your vision board somewhere you see it often like when you walk out of your room in the mornings to go to school or work. This way you leave with your goals in mind & stay proactive in achieving them. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

These cute party favors are mason jars with note pads. Each week you add a note with a good thing that happened. At the end of the year you empty the jar & read about the great year you had!

Be on the lookout for more vision board parties from JusTini or similar parties in your area. It's a great way to meet new people while also investing in your future. I encourage you to go after your dreams. Someone is always watching you & may be looking up to you. While you pursue your goals & dreams, you may be encouraging some one else to take a step of faith & do the same. 

Tell me if you've created a vision board & some of the great things you have in store for the future!