Confessions of a Beginning Blogger

Confessions of a Beginning Blogger

Sooo..I know I make it look easy lol but this blogging stuff is harder than it looks!

This past year I didn't blog as consistently as I should have. The honest truth is that I underestimated everything that goes into a blog. It takes readers about 5-10 minutes on average to read a post or just look at all the pretty pictures. lol. & what takes 5-10 minutes to read can take 5-10 hours to prepare (no exaggeration!). 

I'm going to just keep it real with you all..I kinda sorta actually hate blogging. (Yea you read that right lol) Here's why:

  • Blogging makes me self-conscious

I just went ahead & put the worst out there first. lol. I've always thought of myself as a pretty confident person. I'm usually the one that "goes for it." I've danced in recitals, spoken in front of hundreds, walked in fashion shows; but blogging scares me a bit. I kid you not just typing this has me nervous. In fact, every time I announce a new post my stomach drops. Just imagine working so hard on something then putting it in a place for EVERYBODY to see (& possibly scrutinize). What if no one likes it? What if I have a typo? What will people say? Will people even read it!?

I'm trying to figure out why an otherwise confident person would put herself in this position. It's like posting my best selfie on Instagram versus the selfie where you can tell I have a slight lazy eye (that I bet you all will notice from here on out lol). But another part of me just keeps telling me to continue. It's something rewarding about facing your fears over and over again. 

  • Blogging is expensive

I honestly don't spend as much as I could if I didn't discipline myself and really make a conscious decision about what should and should not go into my blog. I pace myself on the things I add to my brand and the site so I won't dump money into Nascent all at once. I probably could cut some cost here & there but I like things to be a certain way and I believe in paying for what you want. Having a domain, buying clothes, taking pictures; it all adds up. I'm sure I could still get my point across with a free site, outfits out of my closet, & pics taken on my iPhone but I choose not to. So the cost is just something I suck up. I'm sure it'll pay off one day. The experiences I gain and the people I reach make it all worthwhile.

  • Blogging is time-consuming.

With working a full-time job it can be hard to find time to actually sit and write a blog post. When I get home in the afternoons I'm usually too tired and the weekends can be filled with various things. On top of that I'm a natural born procrastinator. At some point I have to discipline myself, sit down, and get it done.

So why would someone spend time and money to be self-conscious? Wild right? Right. Well I'm sitting here and I'm starting to think that it's really not that bad. Being put in a place where I feel self-conscious humbles me a bit. It makes me feel something a lot of young ladies deal with that I never really have before. So now it puts me in a position to relate with others. With this, I hope to inspire others. Yes it's a bit scary to step out of your comfort zone, but I think it's even worse to not & always wonder how your life would be if you did.

My biggest mistake that I think I've made in blogging thus far is comparing myself to other bloggers. I would study other bloggers & try to hone in on what they were doing. There's even bloggers that blog about how to blog. But here's the thing: there's no blueprint to blogging. There's no "right" way to blog. Yes, there are things across the board that are best practices but what works for one blogger may not work for me & vice versa. Also, the success that I've seen other bloggers have I learned did not come overnight like it may appear. It took time, trial & error. Realizing all of this helped me a lot. It makes me more comfortable (& less self-conscious).

All in all, I'm happy I made the choice to start blogging & I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. If you're a beginning blogger or thinking about starting a blog, comment below & tell me what you think or some of your concerns!