Mid Year Review with Day Designer!

We're half way through the year! So what's next...?

Most planners end at June. So last week I went to Target to buy a new planner to start my planning for the rest of the year. I love the Day Designer planner so much that I shared about it on my Instagram stories. I shared how one of the great features that comes with the Day Designer planners are the beginning pages that help you to plan details of your life. & it got me thinking that starting a new planner mid year really has some great benefits. You get a chance to reevaluate the goals you made thus far & continue to plan further. The Day Designer planner has some great topics that help you plan your life. Let's get into those...

1. Start With the Big Picture

The big picture is important because it gives your life direction. Your big picture is a combination of your dreams, your ideas about the life you want to live, & your vision of what the coming year could be.
— Day Designer

How do you envision your life? When you think about yourself 6 months or 6 years from now...what do you see? Don't ignore this vision. Right it out! You'll be surprised to see what things come to past. Your dreams can really become your reality.

The first step is intention. Next, right it down. Once you see it it becomes easier to believe. Then you begin to write out the steps to get you there. & that big goal that you have that seemed so far out of reach becomes more attainable.

2. Set Your Goals

Now that you know your big picture you can start on the details. The Day Designer breaks into the categories: Personal Goals; Family, Friends, & Relationship Goals; Heart & Spirit Goals; Financial Goals; & Work, Career, or Study Goals. Additionally, next to each category you have a column entitled "Accomplish By."

A goal without an action plan is just merely a dream. To me the most important part is the "Accomplish By." A lot of times we say we're going to do something but we just continue to put it off. We look up & weeks, months, or even years have passed by! Or we see somebody else doing what we wanted to do & now you're all salty. Welllll...don't be mad at them because they actually executed.

Disclaimer: Not every time goal you set will be met! & that is okay.  Some things take more time or require more resources. The point is that you committed to the task & you are steadily progressing. Now don't use this as an excuse if you set the date & thought the goal would miraculously happen. The point is to identify the task, set the date, & do the work. 

3. Design Your Days

A well-designed day is a well-lived life.
— Day Designer

Page 3 begins with "Be Intentional." It gives you a template to design your daily routine. Things happen during our days that we sometimes can't control. Having a template for your day may help to ground you & give you something to ease your mind in those times. It gives you structure. If you don't have structure, when you get off track you stay off track & everyday is just a race with no progression. With a daily routine, even if you get off track you have something to revert back to to keep you on your tasks contributing to your big picture.

Some of the suggestions for your day given by Day Designer are Fitness, Family Time, Take Time to be Grateful, & Celebrate Progress. I just love it!

4. Stay on Course

The last page just reminds you to check back & review your goals periodically. It doesn't matter how many times you fall just make sure you get up every time & keep pushing.

At the back of the planner there are notes pages that allow you to plan further if you need more space.

I've kept my planners for the last few years. I look at them to see how far I've come. While flipping through one planner I found some paperwork from when I first registered Nascent by Nae as a LLC. Wow!! Like it's crazy how fast time flies by. But that goal is something that I wrote in that planner & executed.

I pray that the second half of the year is positive, productive, & progressive for you! It all starts with planning.

If you're looking for a great planner I recommend the Day Designer brand. 

You can click here to purchase from the Day Designer site! I got mine from Target so you can click here to get it or look at the other options!

Tell me if you get one & how you like it!