Moving 101
IMG_4425.jpg’s almost been a year since I moved to Dallas.

That time flew by, so this is long overdue. If you’re thinking about moving soon here is a checklist of things you may have not thought about.

  1. Do a good deep clean of your closet

    Get rid of clothes & shoes that you don’t wear before you move. It doesn’t make sense to waste time packing & moving dead weight. You can even make a little money & take your unwanted items to somewhere like Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange or upload them on Poshmark. It also makes you feel all brand new & whatnot. Go into your new space with less burdens.


2. Go ahead & buy a few necessities

Moving can be so expensive because you’re buying so much at once. Before I moved I lived with my mom & knew that eventually I would be getting a place of my own. Every time I got paid I would buy a few things that I knew I would need.

  • Pots

  • Cooking Utensils

  • Eating Utensils

  • Towels

  • Pillows

  • Containers

  • Home Decor

    That’s about all I bought because I didn’t want to have to physically move too much. But at the same time it really helped because I wasn’t spending tons of money when I moved buying every single thing I may have needed.


3. Go to the doctor

You’re probably thinking what the world does this have to do with moving? lol Well sometimes it can be hard finding a new doctor where you’re moving. I’ve been in Dallas 9 months & I still haven’t found a doctor. So go ahead & make appointments to see all your doctors; primary care physician, dentist, eye doctor, etc.

4. Get your prescriptions filled

This is an extension from the previous checklist item. Sometimes you need a doctor’s authorization to refill your prescriptions. You don’t want to be caught stuck with having to find a doctor in your new city & go through that whole process again. So go ahead & re-up before you move.

5. Maintenance your car

You may be driving to where you’re moving. Go ahead & get an oil change, a good detail, your tires rotated & allat good stuff.

I feel like those are some tips that you may not have thought about. Here’s a list of the obvious one’s just know make this full circle.

  • Save money- We already talked about how moving can be expensive. Also, you may be moving away from friends & family so you want to make sure if an emergency occurs that you have safety nest.

  • Do your research about the area- Research the apartments, cost of living, things to do, etc.

  • Collect boxes- Boxes are high for no reason. So make sure you collect some over time.

  • Start packing as soon as possible- Don’t stress yourself out packing last minute. You know how I said I was already buying things way before I knew I was moving? Well those things stayed packed. The window between me finding out I was moving & when I actually moved was kinda small. But I wasn’t really stressed because most of my necessities were already packed.

That’s all the tips that I have. If you have any or you’re planning to move let me know below!!