Business Doesn't Have to be Boring

Business & Fashion are my absolute top passions. So I'm always looking for ways to bridge the two!

This may sound silly, but one of the reasons that I chose to major in business is because I wanted to dress up to work everyday in the fliest business attire lol. Pencil skirts, pea coats, trousers, pumps, a crisp button up; I just love it! But others not so much. I feel that most people have the idea that business clothes equate uncomfortable clothes, ordinary slacks, and just black & white. So here are five looks to show you that that is not the case!

Two of my go to places for business attire are H&M & Banana Republic Outlet. This fitted button up is a staple at H&M and super affordable. Believe it or not, a nice button up can be a little pricey. Although this one is not expensive, the quality is still great.

Finding nice business clothes was a struggle for me at first. Contrary to popular belief, with me being very petite it is often hard to find clothes that fit me nicely. I found that even extra smalls didn't fit well & I wasn't getting that tailored look I desired at an affordable price. That was all before I found the love of my business clothes life...the Banana Republic brand. They offer extra extra smalls and their pants come in different lengths so I don't have to go through the hassle of getting everything tailored. I had always known of Banana Republic but never really bothered to try their clothes because honestly they don't fit well in my budget lol. So I shop at Banana Republic Outlet. Everything is always on sale, you can use coupons on top of the sale, and if you're a student, teacher, or in the military you get ANOTHER 15% off. I got excited just typing that lol. Click here for similar pants options.

I was long overdue for some new business flats. Luckily I found these for 50% so I got a black pair too!:)

A new place I've discovered for business clothes is Express Outlet. They also allow for multiple discounts like Banana Republic Outlet. I found this cute blouse at a clearance sale I happened upon there. Unfortunately you can't shop Express Outlet online, so click here to find the store nearest you. 

Although the top is really cute, I felt that finding the right bottoms would be a challenge. But while perusing the clearance rack at H&M I happened upon the PERFECT pair of trousers for $15!

I know clearance racks can be a mess but this outfit is an example of the great finds that are there!

Oh how I love a clean, crisp look.

When I saw this top at H&M I had to get it. It just screams BOSS! lol. A similar style can be found here. This pencil skirt is another great Express Outlet find that I got for like $12! For the quality of this skirt, that's a steal!

As you may have noticed, these pumps add a subtle pop of color to the previous outfits. And what's even better is that they are 50% off right now!

If you see me wearing a dress, it's most likely because I was running late to work lol. They are so simple. One piece & you're done! This is the dress that got me shopping at Express Outlet. The ruffled bottom makes this more than just a little black dress. And this chunky necklace is just right to spice this business outfit up a bit. The color in this necklace is sold out at the moment, but check back periodically for restocks or new colors.

So I bought this dress because it gave me another reason to wear these pumps lol. However, I do like to pick up an occasional shirt dress here & there because they're really transitional from work to happy hour. And right now it's like only $20!

If you thought business clothes were boring before, I hope I've persuaded you otherwise! You also may have noticed that I but EVERYTHING on sale. lol. I literally buy 95% of my clothes & shoes on sale. Make your money work for you! There's great quality at outlets & on sale racks. Let me know some of your go to places to shop for business clothes or some of your favorite pieces!