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There's A Color!

Jenee' Porter2 Comments
There's A Color!

Your girl is moving up in the world! lol I am so excited to announce my FIRST ever position as a brand ambassador with There's A Color!!!!


First off, let me tell you a bit about the brand.

There's A Color is a new, local nail polish brand offered by Theresa Austin who is the owner of Meticulous Spa. The polish line offers a variety of vibrant colors that define every woman from Exquisite Taste to Prim & Proper. It was so me to be drawn to those color & then find that the names fit me perfectly. *flips hair lol

The polish is thick, long lasting, & chip resistant. Just look at this customer's reaction after seeing only one coat applied.


Ms. Theresa has been doing nails since 2005. The name of her business comes honest from the detail & time she puts into her craft. When you visit her spa you receive a one on one experience.


I am so honored & privileged to be asked to be a brand ambassador for her brand. 

At her launch event this past Saturday it was so inspiring to see the culmination of all of  her hard work. The atmosphere was simply amazing. I love to see a black woman do her thing! It gives me continuing motivation.

Now all of this didn't happen over night. What I have learned is that if you have a vision it requires focus. That focus will keep you determined. Don't try to do everything all at once. Set goals & check them off one by one. Before you know it you would have accomplished something that once seemed impossible. Be patient with yourself. I would never have imagined being asked to be a brand ambassador yet here I am. It's a good feeling when your brand is chosen to represent another. I'm proud of Nascent. lol.

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If you'd like to purchase some nail polish just visit!

What nail trends do you guys like or would like to see? Comment below!