Fall Fashion Favorites

I’m dreading it but winter is on the way…

As if it’s not cold enough already, winter is on the way. If you didn’t know..I HATE winter. lol. I hate cold weather period (*in my City Girls voice lol). Like who wants to be all bundled up?! I like to be free!! lol But nevertheless I won’t continue to complain. I’ll just attempt to deal with the cold weather as fashionably as possible. *flips hair lol

Well anyways…as fall ends & winter approaches I thought I’d share some of my fall fashion favorites. You can catch me rocking these pieces year after year. I tend to enjoy timeless fashion versus temporary trends. This way you also get the most bang for your buck. These pieces can also be transitioned from fall over into winter.


I loveeee hats. Of course you can wear hats during any season of the year, but I find that they tend to kick in heavy starting in the fall. Wide brim, heavy material hats are usually appropriate for the fall.

A hat can give a boring outfit a simple dash of spunk, keep your head warm while you stay fly, & also turn a bad hair day around. haha.

I buy my hats from various stores; Forever 21, Aldo, Call It Spring, etc. Basically wherever I can find the sale! lol

Here are two hats that you may like! Breslauer & Wool Wide-Brim Fedora


My other favorite piece of fall fashion that you see in these pics are booties! Once again, like hats booties can be worn year round but the styles I tend to gravitate towards are more appropriate for the colder weather being that they’re usually made of cloth or suede-like material. I just love how booties can accentuate your legs.

I usually get my booties from Aldo or Steve Madden. I basically get most of all my shoes from those stores.

Here are two pairs of booties that you may like! Ysissa & Divinity

Comment below some of your fall fashion favorites & if you’re ready for the winter!