Business Doesn't Have to be Boring Part II

You guys wanted it so I'm back again with Business Doesn't Have to be Boring!!


I got a promotion recently so me being me the first thing that I did was go on a shopping spree. lol. I mean I have to look the part right!? I shared some of the items on Instagram & y'all loved it, so here's a whole post!

Monday Blues

Monday's are usually a little blue. You're sitting in the break room reminiscing on the turn up at the day party from yesterday. *sigh lol. Well let's change that up a bit. This monochrome navy blue outfit gives Monday Blues a different definition. Pair it with some stand out accessories & you're good to go.

Top: Forever 21 (I've had it since like high school)

Bottoms: Ann Taylor Factory

Necklace: Aldo

'Cause I'm Bossy!

*cues Bossy by Kelis lol. This outfit makes me feel so bossyyyyy! It's a subtle spin to your traditional white button-up, black slacks business look. The button up has a bit of a flare with the bell sleeves. The pants offer a subtle print along with a nice cigarette/trouser cut. Add your standard black pump & you're good to go.

Top: Article & Thread

Bottoms: Ann Taylor Factory

Ima Gangsta In a Dress!

Don't you love a good Cardi B lyric!? So empowering! lol. Anywayssss..I saw this dress in the window of Express & I just had to go in & get it. Now y'all know that I shop at the outlet for my business clothes. This dress was a bit of a splurge for me so I wear it at least once a week:) (If you think I'm just joking then you don't know me lol)

I believe in getting my money's worth! lol. Nonetheless, I love this dress & receive a lot of compliments. The padded shoulders + the bow belt give power & femininity at the same time & basically that's a challenge for women in business. So I'm glad this dress does this for me. You know I mean business but I am still a woman. 

It's 40% off right now so click here to get yours! It also comes in 3 other colors so I may have to stock up.

Ima Boss in a Skirt!

Another Cardi B lyric that's just speaks to my sould. lol. 

I love the color & fun this outfit gives without being over the top! I love to do a little more in the spring/summer. Plus wearing a skirt during this time is easier for me than pants.

Top: H&M

Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory


Friday is're tired & ready for the week to be over. So you throw on anything in your closet & head to work.

This outfit is the result of that. Not bad huh?

A lot of times we underestimate what's already in our closet. Ladies we all have at least one fitted/pencil skirt. Start with one item & build from there. Often times I find that the best outfits are the ones with little planning.

I love how light this outfit is for the season but still so effective for work. A win win!

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21 (I've had it for awhile)

As you can see, I got a lot of items form Ann Taylor Factory. I was apprehensive to try them but glad that I did. I'm petite & thought that they didn't really cater to my size. To my surprise they do. So I suggest checking them out whether you're petite or curvy. 

Now y'all know that I try to link as many places as possible to make it easy for you guys to shop. But to find great deals sometimes you have to do a little leg work. Since I shop at the outlet a lot, most stores don't have a site for there factory stores. When I visited the Ann Taylor website I found that even the "sale" items were a bit pricey. At the outlet the items that I bought were on clearance & buy one get one free. So I really got a GREAT deal. I have a highlight on my Instagram page if you all wanna check it out! I got so much stuff that it would be wayyyy too much for a blog post. As you shop around & find great deals share them with me!

I hoped you enjoyed this post. Please leave me comments & feedback. If you haven't, check out the first Business Doesn't Have to be Boring!