Business Doesn't Have to be Boring: Men

Business Doesn't Have to be Boring: Men

So to my surprise, guys have told me that they read my blog. I appreciate the support, so here's a lil something for the fellas!

In Business Doesn't Have to be Boring: Men we'll go over 3 EASY ways to turn your usual work clothes into something a little more fun!

1. Fun Socks

It's subtle & nobody else may even notice. lol. But do yourself a favor a get rid of the black, white, & grey socks. 

As you'll see throughout this post, the socks were a way to tie the whole look together.

2. Lapel Flower

These are soooo cute to me! (Sorry for being a girl lol) Lapel flowers add a bit of color & texture to an otherwise possibly boring look. As you can see here the base outfit is neutral; tan & blue. The lapel flower adds a pop of color without going over the top.

3. No Button Up!

Ditch the button up! I'm pretty sure y'all wanna do that anyways. lol. This look is giving you permission to do just that. With the suit jacket along with the lapel flower I feel that it is still an appropriate look without being too casual for work.


So there you have it! 3 easy steps to up your business look!

Suit: Asos

Shoes: Call It Spring

All other items can be found at any department stores or stores like Banana Republic or Express. If you go to Banana Republic or Express I would recommend going to the outlet versions. They have much better prices & deals!

I hope you all enjoyed my first post for guys. Please comment below to let me know!