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3 Fall to Winter Fashion Pieces

Jenee' PorterComment
3 Fall to Winter Fashion Pieces

The cold weather seasons can be a bit tricky no matter where you live. One day in fall or winter it’s 60 degrees & the next day it’s 32! Like really!? That can make it hard to dress appropriately. Well here’s 3 staple items that are transitional between fall & winter no matter how hot or cold it is outside.


Blazers are great transitional pieces because you can wear lighter blazers in warmer weather & heavier material blazers in colder weather. In warmer weather it can be used as a layering piece to your outfit. You know how it’s a little warm outside but it’s definitely going to be chilly inside wherever you’re going. In colder weather I would wear it as a designated top to switch up from the usual sweaters & long sleeve shirts.

Moto Jacket

Let me tell y’all…MOTO JACKETS ARE NEVERRRR GOING OUT OF STYLE! I don’t care the season (except summer in Louisiana maybe), a moto jacket cannot be worn. In warmer weather a moto jacket can add a lil spice to your outfit. In colder weather pair a moto jacket with a chunky scarf for warmth.


Plaid is classic; mostly worn in fall or winter as opposed to summer or spring. It’s perfect for the holidays. When it’s colder I would just add a pair of tights to this skirt.

What are some of your transitional go to pieces when dealing with tricky weather?

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