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Consultation Services

People reach out to me to sit down & talk with them on things from business to fashion. I'm always eager & happy to help..so click below for the service that best fits your needs!


Business/blog consulting

Business/Blog Consulting may include but is not limited to:

  • How to register your business with the State of Louisiana
  • Business/Blog structuring, strategies, & ideas
  • Website platform I use & why
  • Resources to graphic designers & photographers
  • Advertising & Exposure

May be in person or over the phone


Fashion/Styling Consulting

Fashion/Styling Consulting:

  • Styling for photo shoots, performances, events, etc.
  • I'll pull together looks based on your ideas & tell you where to find the items

Personal shopping/On-site styling

  • Personal shopping is an extension of Fashion/Styling consulting where I personally shop for the items for you
  • On-site styling is offered if styling is needed at the actual photo shoot, performance, or event.

Both services involve a flat fee for booking & may vary based on needs thereafter.