Dallas, TX Part 1

One of the perks of my "big girl" job is being able to take a week long paid vacation. I decided it was time for a little break, so me & the girls took a road trip to Dallas, TX!

As a child I lived in Dallas, TX (Mesquite to be exact) for about a year. When my mom and I moved back, my sister stayed so we visited often. As I grew older I didn't consider going to Dallas as a vacation. But as a young adult I've grown to appreciate everything that Dallas has to offer.

Trinity Groves

So our first stop (after the mall of course) was to Trinity Groves. Trinity Groves sits at the foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It's a new development offering a host of restaurants, a residential area, as well as offices in the future. Trinity Groves is a nice area to go to eat & chill with your family & friends while enjoying an awesome view of downtown Dallas. 

Beto & Son

They have a restaurant that caters to just about every type of cuisine! I choose Mexican to eat. The food was okay. What actually caught my attention was the Nitrogen Margarita. I probably should have made my decision based on the food, but hey a drink & a show all into..you can't beat that. That's like two for one..you know? The margaritas come in flavors from strawberry to mango. I decided to mix the two. If you're a margarita drinker you already know how strong the drink can be & with the summer heat you have to sip fast! Other than that the drink was great.

Cake Bar

As we continued to explore Trinity Groves, we stumbled upon this great establishment. I mean just look at the pics! lol Cake Bar was started by Tracy German, a African-American long-time baker from Augusta, Georgia. After selling cakes out of her home for almost 14 years, the demand for her yummy cakes grew. With the help of the Trinity Groves incubator program (more info about the program can be found on their website) now we all can experience this greatness! lol I chose the strawberry cake & like y'all the cake was bomb.

After eating you can take a nice stroll to walk it off while enjoying the downtown Dallas skyline.

Deep Ellum

(Did I think I was a model in that first pic or what!? Ha!) Anyways..Deep Ellum is an area situated east of Downtown Dallas. It is known for it's vibrant music & art scene as well as a great history. It hosts a variety of businesses, restaurants, bars, & homes. I just love how colorful & expressive the area is.

Common Desk

While in Deep Ellum I came across Common Desk. Common Desk is a co-working space that provides short-term office space for bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc. They even have showers on site if needed! There's no boring day at the office here with motivational rap quotes to get you through the day. You can grab a day pass or choose a membership that best fits your business needs.

I had a great time in Dallas exploring these two budding communities. I have so much more to share with you all as I travel to Dallas again this weekend. Let me know of some places I should visit & stay tuned for part two!